Banvil LED High Bay for Superior Optics!

LED High Bays

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Ideal Blend of Style, Performance & Efficiency!

Banvil2000's lineup of superior LED High Bay Fixtures are uniquely designed to maximize efficiency, optics, and maintenance free operation.
Ideal solutions to replace traditional Metal Halide, T12, T8, T5HO Fluorescent, HID, Induction and High Pressure Sodium fixtures

Our High Bay LED fixtures are effective in any facility or venue with ceilings heights of 15 or more feet. Typical installations include
warehouses, sports arenas, gymnasiums, garages, loading docks, barns, and most other industrial facilities. Retail and commercial
applications such as: big box, department and grocery stores, bakeries, auto dealerships, and restaurants.
These fixtures are available for Outdoor or wet rated applications!

Energy Savings

Energy efficient LED High Bay lighting can save as much as 70% on energy cost.
Product payback periods are typically under two years, depending on use.

Superior Light Distribution

LED lighting offers superior distribution and uniformity of light compared to traditional sources. LED offers less distortion and minimal static buildup compared to Fluorescent and CFL Lighting. LED fixtures are also easier on the eyes. LED lighting offers instant brightness, flicker free, UV free and worry free operation.

Government Rebates

Energy efficient LED lighting is eligable for governement rebates. Take advantage of generous rebates.
Please contact us for further information as rebates depend on your location.