RIO Lights the Way

Chances are, if you have traveled the world, you've likely seen our custom RIO series of lighting products. RIO has made a unique name for itself, with quality home builders, custom designers, restaurants, movie theaters, downtown offices, and many many other places where they have been deployed, using our unique track/railing systems with custom fittings that meet almost every design idea you may come up with.

Breezing To The Top

Hear that buzzing noise? No, we didn't either! Our fans are built to be solid, and because the motors are brush free, they are perfect for requirements of low noise environments. Deployed worldwide for years at major commercial installations, large hotel chains, factories, and in many many residential homes, Banvil Fans have been time tested, and build to last. Check out our Banvil Promise with our industry leading warranty to see why these are simply the best value for your money.

Light It Up With Us

Our outdoor lighting products are quickly becoming known world wide, with users in South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and even down under in Australia! With specific quality controls and IP outdoor ratings, along with energy efficient LED internal lighting, we feel our latest lineup of outdoor lighting will take the lead in a neighborhood near you!

Our Products

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"Lighting Up Your Life"

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A Proven History... Banvil 2000 is a wholly owned Canadian company trading nationally and internationally since 1974. Versatility and Selection... Banvil 2000 stocks a wide range of air movement products from residential decorative fans to heavy duty industrial / commercial fans and controls.

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